Self-Branding Without Being a Braggadocio

If you’re in business for yourself or operate in a small company, often times the outward brand that customers see is YOU. So did you ever consider yourself a brand? Ok, so you’re not Michael Jordan or Danica Patrick, but to your customers you are the face of the company.


Holding that type of sway in the minds of your customers can be a lot of stress for most mortals to cope with. But branding yourself as an extension of the business doesn’t have to be difficult. Nor does it have to be an “all about me” proposition that positions you as some high-horse riding, better than you, stuck up braggart. Continue Reading

Engage Me, Or Lose Me Forever

Writing Engaging CopyIf you sit with any respectable marketing professional these days, the phrase “content marketing” is sure to come up. In fact, if you and those in charge of marketing your business don’t view themselves more like news reporters than advertising execs, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

While we don’t know exactly what the search engines are programmed to rank in terms of keyword inquiries, we absolutely know for certain that they are giving more preference to websites that produce new and engaging content. Gone are the days of hosting a website with stagnant prose about your company history or your hours of operation and expecting it to rank well on Google and the other engines.

If you’re not giving your customers and future prospects a reason to come back to your site, guess what… they never will. |Tweet This|Continue Reading

Design is Marketing

Marketing DesignAs a web designer and marketing consultant, I’ve heard the saying “design is the new marketing” more than a handful of times in my career. Enough so that I’m already feeling numb to the jargon and simply want to move on to the meaning.

But this idea that design is in any way a NEW concept is preposterous. Sure, successful companies like Apple have brought renewed attention to putting design at the forefront of the marketing cycle. And folks like Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square, note that technology is as much about art and craftsmanship as anything.

Design has always been at the core of incredible products and services and will continue to be the driving force behind capturing consumer attention. Whether we’re talking about the sleek and sexy new packaging you plan to use for your latest product launch or the graphics you use to welcome new customers online, your overall design should to be well planned and well executed.Continue Reading

Sweetwood Cattle Co.

Sweetwood on Facebook Sweetwood Cattle Company sells craft beef jerky and artisan beef online. They were looking for an effective Facebook promotion to garner new fans and engage users in a more effective way. Colomark designed a custom Facebook app that converted users into new fans as well as capture their email for future marketing […]

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Enduro-X Race

Enduro-X Race The Enduro-X Race Series was a brand new event in 2013. They had no web presence, no social media marketing, and no existing race participants. We worked to build a website that enabled online registration, sponsor recognition, vital racer information, and course maps. In addition, we worked to set up and define a Facebook […]

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Mmmm… Bacon!

Say it With Bacon

Oscar Mayer recently delivered an excellent video piece that’s crispy, smokey, and simply delicious. If this incredible spot doesn’t go viral for Father’s Day, I don’t know what will. Hooray for ‘Say it With Bacon.’ I just love finding videos like this one, especially when they come from big brands. It’s refreshing to see that […]

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Evoke Emotions to Build Your Brand

Emotional Marketing

Today is Friday and I find myself swimming in desperation to find some inspiration.  A bright shining star in the sky of creativity that can point me in the direction of some unique design, welcoming tone, and memorable voice.  Is that too much to ask here at the end of a hard week? Essentially, I […]

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Spend Too Little on Web Design and You’re Getting RIPPED OFF!

Hiring a Web Designer

Whoa! I’m sure you’re thinking “Wait Dave… you’ve got it backwards.” Sure, sure… I understand. As most business owners are trained to think, you want your website expense to be as little as possible. You also love the taste of Dom Perignon but can only afford Mums. You might think that cheaper is better in […]

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Linguistic Miracle = Text Messaging

TED library talks

True confession time: I LOVE my local library! If it was a woman, I would totally marry her and make sweet, sweet love to her every night. That is, if she were super-hot, athletic, sandy-blonde, funny, smart and ummm, oh yeah… didn’t mind me picking my toenails in bed. But even if she wasn’t any […]

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Routt County Youth Services WordPress Website Development / Categorized Directory Search / Language Translation Options Routt County Youth Services Coalition is a group of youth serving agencies needing a cohesive web presence to make their collective services more widely available. RCYSC contacted Colomark Media to build a website that would tie all of their agencies into a one-stop-shop […]

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3 Realities To Better Business

3 Realities to Better Business

There are certain truths in nature that we simply can’t defy.  For instance, the reality that no matter how hard you try, you will always pick the slowest moving line in the grocery store when you’re in the biggest hurry. Or the fact that your pet will no doubt decide to take a huge, steamy […]

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