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Social Media for Personal Branding & Networking

[fblistpress]Here are the slides from a recent presentation we gave to the Rocky Mountain Young Professionals organization. The focus of the discussion was mostly about how to use social media channels to: A) Network and increase your technical knowledge in order to a do a better job for your current employer B) Use your social […]

Facebook Wall Photos Promote Your Business

Here’s a quick tutorial I created for my information site… The Social Buddha.  This helpful tip explains how to better utilize the photos on your Facebook Wall to promote the products and services you have to offer.  Please enjoy:  

What Motivates People?

The folks at RSA Animate have done it again!  They’ve taken Dan Pink’s concept in the book Drive and explained it through animation.  This video makes me think about the times that I’ve been in charge of managing employees and how, at the time, I thought that money was the absolute motivator. For those that […]

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The Real Estate Marketing Guidebook

For Real Estate Professionals:  Having worked in the real estate world for a stint as Marketing Director for the managing broker at my local Prudential Real Estate office, I have a good idea of what it takes to effectively market real estate.  Please enjoy this FREE guidebook explaining some of the best practices you can […]