Mmmm… Bacon!

Oscar Mayer recently delivered an excellent video piece that’s crispy, smokey, and simply delicious. If this incredible spot doesn’t go viral for Father’s Day, I don’t know what will. Hooray for ‘Say it With Bacon.’ I just love finding videos like this one, especially when they come from big brands. It’s refreshing to see that […]

Linguistic Miracle = Text Messaging

True confession time: I LOVE my local library! If it was a woman, I would totally marry her and make sweet, sweet love to her every night. That is, if she were super-hot, athletic, sandy-blonde, funny, smart and ummm, oh yeah… didn’t mind me picking my toenails in bed. But even if she wasn’t any […]

Extreme Egg On My Face

My life includes a handful of decisions I wish I could do-over or at least sweep under the carpet and hide from the world. Like the time I buzzed my hair and dyed it bleach blonde. I think the hideous stares I got from the girls in my school were indication enough that I had […]

Infographic: 10 Commandments of Pinterest for Business

A version of this post originally appeared at ~ We’ve been posting about Pinterest on our Facebook page a lot lately because we honestly feel this platform provides an incredible opportunity for businesses to creatively market themselves.  But first and foremost, as with any social media site, you need to decide if Pinterest is […]

Pinterest Tips, Tricks & Know-How

What is Pinterest? Social network allowing users to visually curate, share & discover interests by posting images & video Can upload from your computer or ‘pin’ things you find on the web Can “like,” “repin” or “comment” on items other users have pinned Members are encouraged to interact with content by reposting it, sharing it […]

7 Tips for Training Employees on Social Media

So you’re ready to dive head first into social media marketing and enlist your employees to help. Great! Spreading your social media maintenance responsibilities amongst your trusted staffers is a great way to expand your conversations and add “personality” to your business. But before you hand over the reins, here are handful of tips to […]

Facebook Changes for Pages: TIMELINE

I spent most of my day yesterday watching the livestream feed from the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York City.  Facebook has once again made some major announcements about changes that will affect business marketing on their platform. So what was the announcement?  Well, beginning March 30th all Facebook business pages will revert to the […]

Introducing Facebook’s New “SEND” Button

Yesterday Facebook launched the new “Send” button feature which is designed to be a more targeted way of sharing information with friends and groups.  Whereas the original “Like” button is a mechanism for aggregating information to your News Feed, the new Send button allows you to hand-select the individuals that will receive your message. Taking […]

Facebook Wall Photos Promote Your Business

Here’s a quick tutorial I created for my information site… The Social Buddha.  This helpful tip explains how to better utilize the photos on your Facebook Wall to promote the products and services you have to offer.  Please enjoy:  

The Social Buddha

In an effort to create an online community that openly shares the tips, tricks and tools of social media marketing we have created “The Social Buddha.” You can find The Social Buddha on Facebook @TheSocialBuddha and our soon to be built website at For now, we wanted to post this teaser video we created […]

Wielding the Power

Ok… so you’re going to see my link at the end of this post and think to yourself: “A post about Conan O’Brien… what does that have to do with anything?” You see, I’m constantly on the hunt for real-life examples that support the impact that social media is having on the ways we communicate […]