Evoke Emotions to Build Your Brand

Emotional BrandingToday is Friday and I find myself swimming in desperation to find some inspiration.  A bright shining star in the sky of creativity that can point me in the direction of some unique design, welcoming tone, and memorable voice.  Is that too much to ask here at the end of a hard week?

Essentially, I find myself in the beginning phase of a new client project and I need some “open thinking” time  (wow, that sounds super-cheesy, doesn’t it?).  What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been sluffing off for close to 2 hours now in hopes that a bolt of new ideas will suddenly blast my brain and fill me with a spark.

Well… in this process I’ve managed to find some really incredible feature spotlights from businesses that seem to have a good sense of how impactful emotional branding can be.

I won’t attempt to add a ton of commentary here.  I think these videos tend to speak for themselves.  So take a few minutes to give these a quick view.  And as you watch, ask yourself:

1) How does this make me FEEL?

2) How likely am I to REMEMBER this brand?

3) How can I evoke the emotions of MY CUSTOMERS?

Example #1: EF International Language Centers don’t sell “school”… they sell a life-enriching experience.

Example #2: I’ve never wanted to own a pair of Addidas more badly in my life! This feature makes the viewer feel like part of a club.

Example #3: This spot was produced before the bar was even open. But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that when they did, they had a line around the block to get in.

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