Lowering Your Google Adwords Budget

One of the many questions that Steamboat Springs marketing businesses have is how to lower their budget for Google Adwords. The truth is that for the same words and same positioning, different businesses and individuals will be charged different amounts. That’s why in Steamboat today you must learn how to take advantage of all of the tricks of the trade to see improved results.

A major determinant for the prices you end up dealing with is your quality score as determined by Google. Your quality score is a reflection of how your ads perform. What percentage of people click on your ads, and what percentage of people who do click on your ads end up as bounced, or one page, visitors?

When you write ads that are more appealing to people, and you provide them with the content they are looking for once they make that click, Google recognizes you as a quality source and improves your rating, thereby decreasing costs. Ultimately Google wants to provide consumers with the best and most relevant ads – because it makes them a more trusted and reliable service. That’s why they reward high quality advertisements and campaigns.

Besides writing improved and more appealing ads, you can reduce your costs by targeting more appropriate markets. The more specific you get with your campaigns, the more relevant you can be. Therefore if you’re a mechanic in Steamboat today, instead of targeting “car repairs” you may want to target “winter car checkups Steamboat” or something along those lines, which will guarantee you can provide a match for a consumer making a search.

There are many other factors that you’ll have to consider to help lower your minimum bids as well. One of these is ad grouping, which goes hand in hand with the market selection described above. You want highly specific ad targets that include the keywords you use, and ad groups that play off relevant words and targets.

Of course, don’t forget that you can also lower your budget by changing your bidding strategy. You can target less popular keywords to reduce your costs, and you can also aim for a different spot besides the number 1 position to greatly lower your budget.

Sometimes it doesn’t make monetary sense to go for the top spot or the most popular market, particularly when you’re just getting started with your Adwords campaigns. So choose your markets and your targeted positions wisely, and you’ll actually end up driving more traffic to your landing pages for a lowered cost.

Businesses in Steamboat today are looking for as many ways as possible to reduce the costs of their marketing while improving the results that they see. Steamboat Springs marketing services should be well advised to take a new and improved approach to Google Adwords. Focus on improving the quality and relevancy of your ads, and in turn you’ll be rewarded not just with traffic that can be converted easier but also with lowered costs for your campaigns.

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