Get Real, Daddio

Real Customer Service

You would laugh to see my wife and I curl up in bed at night.  She with her People magazine and “chic lit” (her words, not mine) and me reading something about sales or corporate branding.  It’s funny how much our tastes in literature diverge. So the latest page flipper I’ve finished is called I […]

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More Powerful Than Memory Alone

storytelling as a sales tool

Whenever I need help getting started on a client’s copy or sales pitch as it were, I find myself referring back to a classic scene in my favorite episode of Mad Men. If you don’t watch the show, you should. It’s brilliant. If your business is related to sales in any shape or form, I […]

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Tell It To Me Like I’m Six Years Old

Tell Me Like I'm Six

Ok, right off the bat I’m going to confess and let you know that I’m borrowing my title from Chris Brogan. As I’ve recently finished his book The Impact Equation I’m especially in tune with how people, and marketers in general, articulate their ideas. Chapter 3 in Chris’ book talked about one of his mentors, […]

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5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page… With Business Cards

Facebook Business Card

Right as I was in the middle of watching the Dollar Shave Club promotional video on YouTube for the 153rd time I got a call from a client needing some creative ideas. “Creative ideas?” I asked.  “Sorry… I’m fresh out.” After what I’m sure was a totally fake and forced laugh at my super-lame attempt […]

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The Story of Lance… A Tragedy

Lance Armstrong Story

The power of stories, whether personal, internal sagas or those we read and hear in the media, have a greater ability to capture and hold our attention than any other form of content imaginable. No use in fighting it, its part of our DNA. Take for example the mythical story of Lance Armstrong. A man […]

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Extreme Egg On My Face

Twitter blunder

My life includes a handful of decisions I wish I could do-over or at least sweep under the carpet and hide from the world. Like the time I buzzed my hair and dyed it bleach blonde. I think the hideous stares I got from the girls in my school were indication enough that I had […]

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Throwing Poop, and Doing It Right

Mailchimp Monkey Hat

The recent cold weather pattern here in the Rocky Mountains has had me running for the long underwear and wrapping myself in scarves.  Wait… did I just say “scarves?”  What kind of self-respecting man wears a scarf? Check that.  Let’s start over. The colder weather lately has me drinking more coffee (black!) and wearing a […]

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Stop Being So Damn Predictable

Better Copywriting

Ok… so I admit that I’m too cheap to pay for Pandora One or whatever the premium version of the music genome project is called.  I suppose I’ve never minded hearing the occasional commercial interruptions before and heck, the price is right. So here I am vibing-out to my very own “Chill Out” station and […]

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Your Customer’s Inbox ~ 2013

Mobile Email

So I got an email the other day.  Ok, in reality I got closer to 50 emails on this particular day but it’s easier to start my story by talking in singular.  Don’t worry, there’s a point coming. As I’m glazing over the lame copy and same old pre-Christmas boring offer I’ve read a hundred […]

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Ski Town Gourmet

Ski Town Gourmet Mobile Responsive New Website / Planned Sales Funnel / Stronger Branding           Ski Town Gourmet is a resort destination event caterer who needed a fresh look on the web. His old site lacked proper call-to-action and didn’t represent his brand at all. He wanted an “urban / upscale” […]

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Why I Suck At Blogging

Shhh... Blogging

Ok. So here’s the embarrassing thing. All day long I talk to clients about the importance of blogging for both SEO benefits as well as prospect engagement. I sit up on my high horse and preach the importance of creating a conversation calendar and an editorial road map.  “Think of yourself as a news organization […]

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