Pinterest Tips, Tricks & Know-How

Colomark on PinterestWhat is Pinterest?

  • Social network allowing users to visually curate, share & discover interests by posting images & video
  • Can upload from your computer or ‘pin’ things you find on the web
  • Can “like,” “repin” or “comment” on items other users have pinned
  • Members are encouraged to interact with content by reposting it, sharing it on Facebook & Twitter, emailing it and embedding pins to your website

Why does Pinterest Matter?

  • Drives traffic to your site.  A lot of recent reports show that Pinterest has the capacity to send your site more visitors than other social media sites, including Facebook
  • Links.  By using the “Pin It” button on your website, the content from your site that gets pinned by users creates a link back to the source (i.e. you site).  This allows users to more easily find your website with a single click.
  • Leads.  Pinterest creates lead generation through online exposure.
  • Social sharing.  Pinterest is linked to Facebook, Twitter and email via easy “share” mechanisms which expand a user’s reach to multiple social networks.

Setting Up Your Business Account:  Under the “Settings” tab…

  • Set up name as your business name
  • Add logo
  • Use the “About” section thoughtfully ~ has an SEO benefit!
  • Make sure to turn “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” turned OFF
  •  Add your other social networks

How to Begin Building a Following:

  • Create the best boards on a specific topic
    • Make it a fantastic resource based on a few keywords you’re already targeting
    • Be ready to promote other users’ to enhance your collection
  • Promote your boards through other channels
    • Add Pinterest “follow” and “pin it” buttons to your website
    • Promote your pins and boards on other social networks including Facebook
  • Engage with other users
    • Follow users you feel you’d want to have follow you back

What to Pin When Using Pinterest for Marketing:

  • Visual content you already have (event photos, fundraisers, management & staff, etc.)
  • Visual content from your blog articles (begin pinning blog photos to your Pinterest boards)
  • Infographics and Data Charts.
  • Your company’s videos on YouTube

Tips to Optimize Your Pins

  • Change the links in your pins to go where you want them to go
    • Even if re-pinning from another source
    • After pinning, choose “Edit” and update the link
  • Use keywords in your captions
    • Using the “#” will make your keywords searchable
  • Give users something to pin!
    • Infographics work incredibly well for this
  • Use TALL images when possible
    • Take up more real estate on the screen and stand out
  • Pin useful and educational information
    • Make your boards a resource
  • Use visual content to drive people to your blog
    • Use headlines and descriptions such as “How To…”
  • Add links to the descriptions of your pins
    • Pinterest will automatically BOLD these
  • Create a video gallery
    • End up in the “video” category in addition to just your boards

Some Brand Using Pinterest Effectively

  • Chobani~ Yogurt
    • Features not only products, but recipes & nutrition information as well
    • Photos from their presence around the world
    • “We Would Like To Eat With You” board features photos of spoons
  • Oreck~ Vacuum and Cleaning
    • Create boards that are interactive and not just about their products
    • Subtle reminders about typical cleaning situations without becoming an advertisement
  • Mashable~ Digital Culture News
    • Heavy use of infographics (great resource for others to use)
    • Fun, “nerdy” boards make the company seem very personable
  • Etsy~ Online Shopping Website
    • Boards created for shopping categories on site (i.e. jewelry, fashion, kids, etc.)
    • Gives customers shopping ideas & helpful options
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