What My Clients Have to Say…

Ashley AmbirgeI’ve dealt with a lot of design professionals, and let me tell you what: Working with David? Was one of the best experiences I ever had. Here’s why: He doesn’t just go above and beyond. He goes FARTHER than that. He paid attention to the details that usually would have been glossed over–and this really did make the difference. We really felt like we were in good hands–and not just that, but caring ones, too. He’s one of the most stand-up guys I’ve had a chance to work with, and I know that hiring him was the single-handed best decision we could have made for this project. Do not regret it one bit – and will be recommending him to everyone I know here in Costa Rica. DAVID IS THE MAN. ~Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project


Chad James ConsultantDavid is a stud. I’ve worked with dozens of graphic designers, social media “experts”, marketing consultants and other creative types and Dave is one of the best. (…and unlike the others, I rarely feel like strangling him during an engagement)

1. He understands that it’s his job to execute on the customer’s mission.
2. He advocates for his concepts, but does so with tact and grace, not the arrogance that so many creative types bring to projects.
3. He is VERY detail oriented and manages his time on project very very well.
4. He is of great value to his customers and never overcharges.

Simply put, when I need someone to help me execute on my vision, or the vision of one of my clients, Dave is the man. ~Chad James, Business Consultant


Chancie Keenan SteamboatOnce we committed to rebuilding our website, the challenge was finding a web designer who could turn our vision into a clean, easy to navigate yet visually powerful site. Colomark Media did just that. Not only did David patiently walk us through a process that we knew virtually nothing about – the power of blogging, search engine optimization, and other behind-the-scenes technicalities; he also listened intently to our ideas and produced a website that is precisely what we envisioned. ~Chancie Keenan, Mountain Architecture Design Group


Kate Elkins Grand FuturesWe are lucky to have someone like David Wittlinger in our community! David is an expert in Social Media and has offered a variety of services to Grand Futures Prevention Coalition as well as to some of our partnering programs with the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association. Recently, David assisted our organization with a presentation to parents on child safety and security of Facebook. The presentation was a success and a very kind offering from Colomark Media! ~Kate Elkins, Grand Futures


Andy KennedyDavid and team did a superlative, efficient, and speedy job revamping our website, bringing creative ideas and solutions to the table. It is exponentially better than our old, outdated design! ~Andrea Kennedy, YVSC.org


Suzi MarianoDave has assisted me with ideas, concepts and execution of Social Media Outreach. What I love about him is that he is quick to respond to my questions and he teaches me how to do things myself, which is a critical component in the non profit world! Dave is extremely knowledgeable and teaches me new things every time we talk. I highly recommend Colomark Media. ~Suzi Mariano, NW Colorado VNA