3 Realities To Better Business

There are certain truths in nature that we simply can’t defy.  For instance, the reality that no matter how hard you try, you will always pick the slowest moving line in the grocery store when you’re in the biggest hurry. Or the fact that your pet will no doubt decide to take a huge, steamy […]

Your Customer’s Inbox ~ 2013

So I got an email the other day.  Ok, in reality I got closer to 50 emails on this particular day but it’s easier to start my story by talking in singular.  Don’t worry, there’s a point coming. As I’m glazing over the lame copy and same old pre-Christmas boring offer I’ve read a hundred […]

Facebook Changed Your Email ~ Did You Know?

News broke this week that Facebook, somewhat silently, changed their user “About” default to show your @facebook.com email and not your chosen address.