Extreme Egg On My Face

My life includes a handful of decisions I wish I could do-over or at least sweep under the carpet and hide from the world. Like the time I buzzed my hair and dyed it bleach blonde. I think the hideous stares I got from the girls in my school were indication enough that I had […]

Social Small Business

Many small businesses are flocking to social media as a way to promote their business and strengthen customer relationshiops. This is great to see because of these platforms’ ability to help create awareness of your products & services, drive traffic to your website and build a relationship with customers. But how many small businesses are […]

Quick Peak at the #newtwitter

If you haven’t seen or heard about the new face of Twitter, I found this video a bit tantalizing:

So You Want to Go Viral?

Viral marketing is any form of communication that is spread socially and it’s become the crux of marketing efforts today. Word of mouth, referrals and sharing (i.e. telling a friend) have become the number one goal in spreading messages for many businesses.

Social Networks Don’t Waste Time, People Do

Social Media policies of well-known organizations often appear in the news. There is an ongoing debate about just how restricted social networks should be when it comes to employee use. Here’s a study done by Bloxx, based in the UK.

Why Employers Fear Social Media (And What to Do About It!)

Many executive boardrooms are running scared with the idea that the rise of social media popularity will end up hurting their company more than it helps. Whether it is the fear of employees driving the wrong information or customers smearing their goodwill, corporations need to come to grips with the modern information age.

6 Rules of Doing Business Using Social Media

Today’s world of online interaction has become more complex, but more exciting, than ever. The ways that connections are now made with friends and clients on the web has evolved to an entirely new level. But I’m here to tell you that this “new frontier” of networking through your computer is not as scary as […]