Why I Suck At Blogging

Ok. So here’s the embarrassing thing. All day long I talk to clients about the importance of blogging for both SEO benefits as well as prospect engagement. I sit up on my high horse and preach the importance of creating a conversation calendar and an editorial road map.  “Think of yourself as a news organization […]

Facebook’s NEW “Messages”

Facebook’s NEW “Messages” features were announced this week surrounded by much anticipation and hoopla. It appears that Facebook is finally diving full-steam ahead on becoming an all-in-one communication hub which includes a complete email service. For those that choose to create a @facebook.com email address, the new Messages area will combine your daily interactions into […]

So You Want to Go Viral?

Viral marketing is any form of communication that is spread socially and it’s become the crux of marketing efforts today. Word of mouth, referrals and sharing (i.e. telling a friend) have become the number one goal in spreading messages for many businesses.

Blog In 15-Minutes!

For many business owners there is a struggle between managing the content of our social media presence and managing the business operations. If you’re like me, time is always limited so here is a simple and quick methodology you can follow for writing a blog post is 15-minutes.