David WittlingerFace it… nobody really cares about the widgets you’re selling.  All they REALLY want to know is how you’re going to solve their problem.  Period.  There’s a story in every one of us and my job is to help you find it, feed it, and fuel it online.

I’m going to help you gift wrap your perfect solution to the world in a nice, neat and tidy package.  We’ll wash, wax, creme buff, and shammy your message so it shines.

Can you handle the power?
(hint: the answer is YES)

Let’s collaborate on the best ways you can talk to the masses.  We’re going to take at look at your website, your social media presence, the copy you use to persuade your customers, and how it all fits together.  And yes, if you don’t think it’s important for it all to mesh then we desperately need to talk.

Not only will I lay the groundwork and set you up for ultimate success, but I work one-on-one with you and your team to make sure you’re comfortable driving before I hand over the keys.  It’ll be like attending one of those super-charged “Yes You Can” motivational seminars but without all the clapping and headset microphones.

So what now?

For starters, don’t be shy.  You’ve got questions so let’s find the answers.  Like my grandfather used to say “Get off your keister and go do something.”  It was simple, concise and I understood exactly what he meant.  Thanks Pop-Pop.

So how about you?  Are you ready to get your house in order? (metaphorically that is… I don’t really clean houses).  All you need to do is drop me a line to talk about what I can help you with today.  Pretty simple, huh?