Throwing Poop, and Doing It Right

Mailchimp Monkey Hat

My son Gavin… wearing my Mailchimp Monkey Hat

The recent cold weather pattern here in the Rocky Mountains has had me running for the long underwear and wrapping myself in scarves.  Wait… did I just say “scarves?”  What kind of self-respecting man wears a scarf?

Check that.  Let’s start over.

The colder weather lately has me drinking more coffee (black!) and wearing a hat indoors.  All the while I’m eating peanuts with the shell on and watching sports on TV.  Manly!

So as I’m ransacking my warm clothes I stumble across the knit winter cap with ear flaps that I received from one of my favorite brands on the planet.  You guessed it, it was my Mailchimp Monkey Hat and sure enough it’s still as fun to wear as my first pair of Nike Pumps.

Talk about one of the coolest brands in the world.  Mailchimp is definitely doing it right for a slew of different reasons.

First and most importantly is their copy.  Oh my, how I love their copy.  Their copywriting is like a hot mamacita I want to snuggle the hell out of!  Their text speaks to me like a I’m one of the gang and initiates me to the club at every turn.

When you surf the Mailchimp site for any duration you can instantly tell that every word on every page was carefully crafted instead of just plopping random-ass text down for the sake of filling the page.

No… in a world of fiery competition amongst email host providers there’s only one way to stand apart from the competition and that’s to welcome new clients as if they were one of your kin.  Mailchimp completely excels in this department and the text on their site reinforces the relationship with every click of the page.

Then there are things like their Resources page.  We’ve all read and understand that in today’s customer-focused world, the best way to earn loyal clients is to help them as much as humanly possible.  We load them up with meaningful information in exchange for their eternal gratitude and loyalty.

Gone are the days when we hold all the really good stuff under our vest in reserve for only our paying clients.  Nope… you won’t ever have a chance to actually HAVE any paying clients unless you first demonstrate that you’re genuinely interested in helping them.

Now check out the Mailchimp Resources page and you’ll find not one… not two… but THIRTY-TWO different guides to better email marketing.  And these are offered free for the taking, before you ever sign on the line that is dotted and become a registered member of their service.  How cool is that?

Now let’s look at the funny stuff.  Log into your Mailchimp account and you’re first greeted by a silly monkey spouting hilarious jargon.  Take for example this post I recently saw when logged into a client’s account:

Mailchimp Brand

Clicking the link in the message took me to this hilarious “Chimpanzee Outtakes” video.   I have to admit that I watched the entire video (twice) and it was an awesomely welcome distraction in an otherwise hectic day.  It’s experiences like this that reinforce my affinity with Mailchimp and keep me coming back for more.

Mailchimp shares these funny videos the same way my old college roommate posts obscure links to his Facebook page.  I always click through on these because past experience tells me it’s going to be funny as hell.  And 9.63 times out of 10 it is.

Beyond that, the entire user experience and customer support they provide at Mailchimp is genuinely Best-In-Class.  Not only does their product simply do what I need it to do (i.e. tracks of my customer lists and helps me send emails) but everything is as simplified as it possibly can be.  So easy a monkey can do it… HA!

So the next time you feel a hankering to explore an incredible brand that knows what their customers want and need, while delivering it in a continually fresh  & friendly way, check out Mailchimp.

These wacky chimps throw poop on a daily basis but it’s only because they love you!


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