Why I Suck At Blogging

Shhh... BloggingOk.

So here’s the embarrassing thing.

All day long I talk to clients about the importance of blogging for both SEO benefits as well as prospect engagement.

I sit up on my high horse and preach the importance of creating a conversation calendar and an editorial road map.  “Think of yourself as a news organization and lay out your editorial plan for the year” I say to anyone wondering how to get started.

I mean, do you think People Magazine just publishes their weekly in a willy-nilly fashion? Perhaps People isn’t your first first choice of Grade-A literature.  That’s cool.  Feel free to substitute your own go-to news source here, the comparison still applies.

Plan, Think, Write… simple, huh?

Well apparently I haven’t been drinking my own Kool-Aid because if you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you’re quick to know that my posts are far from timely.

So why is that I can coach clients all day long about how and when to blog and can’t seem to follow my own advice?  The answer lies in step 1 above.

I, master of theHow To’ never sat down with a Scripto and some paper and mapped out my OWN plan.  DOH!

This ends now.  I’m stepping off my squawker.  I’m putting down my megaphone and picking up my 2013 calendar.  I’m making a New Year’s resolution to write more, create authentic content and stay on task.

I can’t promise everything I write will be shiny gold worthy of a New York Times Best Seller, but I WILL be consistent.  I WILL make a point to reserve the time it takes to produce my insights.  And you WILL hear from me more often.

Wow… that felt good to get that off my chest.  Perhaps you’re reading this thinking the same thing.  If that’s the case, let’s hold each other accountable.  Kind of like spotting each other dead-lift at the gym without all the sweaty pits and soreness that generally follow.

So here’s to 2013 and the commitment to add our collective 2-cents (heck, make it 5) to the world.  I suppose if we are in fact headed off the “fiscal cliff” here in the States at least we can observe and write about it as we fall, right?  Your glass looks half full now, don’t it?


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