Design is Marketing

As a web designer and marketing consultant, I’ve heard the saying “design is the new marketing” more than a handful of times in my career. Enough so that I’m already feeling numb to the jargon and simply want to move on to the meaning. But this idea that design is in any way a NEW […]

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On-Page SEO Tips

Here’s a great video that discusses “on-page SEO” …the coding factors of your site that can dramatically affect your search engine rankings. In steamboat today I see a wealth of website owners that don’t know or take the time to review and update their on-page SEO.

What Is PPC Afterall?

For anyone confused about what heck is involved in pay per click advertising, here is the quick rundown of the elements involved. PPC remains to be the quickest route to online success but can have many lasting benefits as well.

Why Employers Fear Social Media (And What to Do About It!)

Many executive boardrooms are running scared with the idea that the rise of social media popularity will end up hurting their company more than it helps. Whether it is the fear of employees driving the wrong information or customers smearing their goodwill, corporations need to come to grips with the modern information age.

Realistic SEO Goals

When you’re ready to make an investment of time, money and effort into SEO, it is important that you set realistic goals about the results that you are expecting to see. Many people know that SEO can be extremely beneficial for an online business, however they don’t quite understand how the process works, or what they should expect.

Companies Increase SEO Spending!

With executives gaining more and more information on the importance of search engine marketing, budget allocations for search engine optimization (SEO) are on the rise.

6 Rules of Doing Business Using Social Media

Today’s world of online interaction has become more complex, but more exciting, than ever. The ways that connections are now made with friends and clients on the web has evolved to an entirely new level. But I’m here to tell you that this “new frontier” of networking through your computer is not as scary as […]